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Swing Arm

With 30 years of experience, AMDP brings now to the market the new swing arm, the reference in productivity for tip dressing.

- Only one energy to be supplied

- Only one type of swing arm for all uses (horizontal, vertical, inclined)

- Compact swing arm

- Easy to install due to the multiple possibilities of adjustment

- Adaptable and flexible product for different uses

- Quick mounting and dismounting of the cutter on the dresser

- Very compact dressing head, which makes it possible to dress all types of guns

- Recommended pressure of the gun on the cutter: between 80 and 150 daN depending on the type of gun and electrodes

Demande d’informations

The dresser mounted on an electric swing arm is a dressing machine with circular motion, composed of:

A rotary base controlled by an electric motor with a gear box. The tip dressing head can be oriented up to 360° around the swing arm (adjustable from 65° to 180°).

- 1 electric motor which drives the cutter in rotation

- 1 dressing head with an off-set, fixed on an arm of lengh 600, 800 or 1000mm (other lenghs on request)

- 1 electric control unit

- 1 cutter rotation controller

- Adjustments:    - in the x, y, z directions

- Angular position of the dressing head

- Three-phase current supply

Productivity and control

  • Fast dressing of the electrodes: improve the vehicule production / hours
  • Rotation controller on the dressing head
  • Shine control (optional)

Optimization & security

  • Compact dimensions of the swing arm in the cell.
  • Multiple setting simple and efficient for a fast integration.


  • Simple extraction path: similar to welding point (without current flow), 2 positions:
  • Work and rest.

Dressing head performance

  • With or without compliance.
  • Rotation speed: 640 tr/min


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